Why we love shopping in Chichester

My family and I moved to Chichester 6 years ago after spending most of our lives living in the US and Spain. After a decade on the relaxing coast of Spain, we were all ready for a new chapter. Personally I longed for a life with a bit more excitement and wanted to spend more time going to the theatre, cinema, comedy shows...and of course shopping!! I can wander around new towns and high streets for hours and don't always need to spend while I shop, but if I find something I really love then it's a bonus to get to take it home. My teenage son has never been a fan of my mooching habit, but in recent years I've noticed that he too has his Achilles heel. He and his friends love retro (even 80s!) and spend lots of time in Chichester in the local record shops (new and second hand). They often come home with a fabulous vintage find from one of the cool clothing shops and love to keep it eco friendly by shopping at Draper's Yard! Chichester was a great choice for our family and we can't wait to get back out onto the high street!

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