Chatting on Angel Radio

Well I had a nice surprise today! With two hours notice, I got invited to chat live with Tony on Angel Radio about the opening of The Sunshine Shed on Monday. It was my first radio chat and I had no idea what to expect or what he would ask, but it was a great experience. Tony was kind and didn't ask anything I couldn't answer, phew! Angel Radio is a station that my mum loves to play and she introduced me to it a few years ago. They play nostalgic music from the early 1900s - 1960s and have a fun crew of presenters. They play a lot of music that many of us may not have heard, myself included. But I feel lucky to have grown up in a musical household where the radio or records (and even cassettes!) were always playing. I try to spread the same joy in my own home now - mostly forcing my son to hear my favourite 80s records - luckily he loves them too! I wonder what he will play in his own home one day?! Keep rockin' and play it loud!

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